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1,300+ big rounds 2013 net wrapped. 925 5x6 and 375 4x6. First 500 bales sell absolute. John Deere baled.   more

Price $1.00
1,400 Big Squares 3x4
 Views (72)
Grass mix and alfalfa. !,050#. 600 First Cutting Alfalfa at $70/T. 400 Alfalfa Grass mix at $60/T. 400 mostly grass at $55/T. Wasta SD.   more

Price $70.00
Coastal Bahia Mix
 Views (57)
Fertilized coastal Bahia mixed hay. 4*5 rolls. Good clean hay.   more

Price $35.00
Clover grass hay
 Views (73)
Clover grass hay in small square bales.   more

Price $2.50
Buy feed from the farmer
 Views (79)
50lb bags of corn for $5, cracked corn for $6, wheat for $8, and oats for $11   more

Price $5.00
Round Bales for sale
 Views (86)
4x4 net wrapped bales   more

Price $40.00
Grass/Oat Hay
 Views (155)
For Sale: 38.5 tons, Baled in large squares weighing 1,350 lbs. Asking $115/ton or $75/bale. Hay was baled around Labor Day, no rain. Grass/Oat mix   more

Price $115.00
Good Quality Hay
 Views (326)
Alfalfa, alfalfa orchard grass, Teff Grass, Straight Timothy, timothy orchard grass alfalfa mixed. Little square, Big square, and 4x6 round bales.   more

Price $250.00
 Views (264)
mixed hay for sale   more

Price $35.00
Grass hay for sale
 Views (313)
Grass hay for sale. Brome/wheatgrass mix. In the stack and covered.   more

Price $130.00

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